How can acupuncture help to reduce stress level?

NATIONAL STRESS AWARENESS DAY 6th November 2013 How can acupuncture help to reduce stress level? In our life time, everybody experiences stress whether it to be your studies, work, families, relationship, illness or just the day to day living. Some… Read More

What’s the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?

I often get asked what the difference is between chiropody and podiatry. In the UK, podiatry is simply the new name for chiropody. The name was changed to the internationally recognised name of podiatry in 1993. It’s not just the… Read More

Achilles Heel

What is it with the people of Reading? Since moving here in February I have come across so many people with Achilles problems, is there something in the water? Achilles tendonopathy, formally known as Achilles tendonitis is a problem at… Read More

Backcare awareness week 7-11th October

This year Backcare awareness week if focusing on Carers, they have a very physical job caring for others but often get forgotten about. Carers provide invaluable help and assistance to their children, friends, relatives, and partners, but what happens when… Read More