Low-Cost Acupuncture in Reading, Berkshire

As a multidisciplinary clinic 21st Century aims to offer the widest range of treatments of any clinic in the Berkshire area, as part of our commitment to whole body healthcare. Among the range of treatments offered at our facility is… Read More

Affordable Osteopathy Treatment in Reading, Berkshire

21st Century is a multidisciplinary clinic in Shinfield near Reading that provides a wide range of treatments to support whole body healthcare for people across the wider Berkshire region. Among our range of treatments is osteopathy, a drug and surgery… Read More

How Osteopathy can help posture

Has anyone ever told you to “sit up straight” or say “don’t slouch”! Modern life is very busy. Commuting, driving and life behind a desk force the body to remain still for many hours each day. Then when we are finally home… Read More