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21ST Century clinic, Reading now has IASTM!

We have brought some IASTM tools at 21st Century Clinic in Reading, Berkshire. Three of our Practitioners are trained in this technique.

  1. Rachel Ackroyd – Chiropractor.
  2. Rosie Bateman – Physiotherapist.
  3. Elise Beechen – Sports Massage Therapist.


What is IASTM?

Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilisation or IASTM has become a generalised term to describe the use of any instrument or tool to massage, mobilise or manipulate soft-tissue structures.


How does IASTM work?

Certified Practitioners use specialised stainless steel instruments on scar tissue, adhesions or restricted fascia. This can stimulate a healing, physical or nervous system response to address these issues.


Why is IASTM Beneficial?

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation is a popular treatment for people of all ages and can be used for the relief of pain or injury of muscles, tendons, ligaments or fascia. However it can be just as efficient and effective for those looking to loosen up tight muscles or to dramatically increase range of movement from restricted soft tissues.


If you are unsure whether it is for you?

The certified practitioner’s at 21st Century Clinic have been taught the skills to assess whether IASTM is a suitable treatment for you so come into the clinic for an assessment. The practitioners can use it as a stand-alone treatment but they often use it as part of their treatment.