Read our post on how we are staying safe during Covid

Sports Massage

Sports Massage can help relieve tired muscles and release tension. You don’t need to be Sporty to enjoy a Sports Massage. Sports Massage can help with Sports Injuries but we also treat many people who do no sport. It sometimes… Read More

Chiropractor near Reading and Wokingham

Have you ever tried Chiropractic? At 21st Century Clinic we practice a gentle chiropractic treatment that can help with a number of conditions including back and neck pain. We use McTimoney Chiropractic which is a whole body treatment and combine… Read More

Our plan for staying Covid safe

We are staying open during the lockdown – as healthcare professionals we are allowed to stay open and treat our patients as normal. Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Acupuncture appointments are still available.Sports massage appointments will have to stop until lockdown… Read More

RUNNERS – Do you need a Biomechanical assessment for your feet?

Are you just about to or been training for this season 5,10K, half or full marathon? Are you struggling to get those mileages up?  Do you keep getting niggling injuries?  Do your feet, knees or hips ache for days after?… Read More

Private Insurance

At 21st Century Clinic – We accept private paying patients but you can use Private medical Insurance to pay all your medical costs at the Clinic.en A lot of Healthcare companies accept self – referrals now so you don’t even… Read More

What is Neuro Phsiotherapy and what can we treat?

Injury or disease to any part of the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord), or peripheral nerves may result in many different problems, such as difficulties with movement, balance co-ordination, muscle weakness, muscle spasticity, sensory disturbances, pain and loss… Read More

Exciting times at 21st Century Clinic with a new merger

We have moved We have some exciting news to share – we are delighted to announce that 21st Century Clinic will be merging with The Howard Clinic, giving patients access to a more extensive range of treatments. Our location is… Read More

21ST Century clinic, Reading now has IASTM!

We have brought some IASTM tools at 21st Century Clinic in Reading, Berkshire. Three of our Practitioners are trained in this technique. Rachel Ackroyd – Chiropractor. Rosie Bateman – Physiotherapist. Elise Beechen – Sports Massage Therapist.   What is IASTM?… Read More

Arthritic Knee?

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It is a condition that can affect any joint in the body. Our joints are protected by cartilage which acts like a shock absorber.  In a joint that is affected by osteoarthritis… Read More

Laser Therapy at 21st Century Clinic

We now can offer Laser therapy at the clinic; we have just purchased a low level laser system from Omega laser systems. They have more than 20 years of experience in the field, Omega Laser Systems is a specialist low level laser… Read More