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Kinesio tex tape…. What is it and does it work?

I am the first to admit that I was very sceptical about what this multi coloured tape was and what it actually did, if anything.  My first experience of kinesio tape was in 2010 when I was the physio for the U21 Welsh hockey team in the European Championships in Italy.  My players kept asking me why I had boring beige tape and some other teams had pink and blue! They wanted the pink and blue tape!!

So I looked into it and enrolled on a course to see what all the fuss was about and I haven’t stopped using it since!

Kinesiology tape was created by a chap called Dr Kenzo Kase nearly 30 years ago in Japan.  It was originally used for the treatment of  lymphedema and chronic swelling. The tape has a finger print effect on the reverse which lifts the skin to form convulsions, increasing the space between the fascia and the muscles which helps promote the flow of fluid. So the technique was developed further and is now used very commonly by sports people. In this population the  Kinesio tape is used  over and around muscles either to ACTIVATE or INHIBIT the muscle contraction whilst maintaining a full range of motion at the joint.  In addition the tape can also reduce muscle fatigue, inflammation and pain, correct posture and correct against further injury.

The Kinesio taping method is fundamentally different from traditional athletic taping and I have been totally converted.  There is still a place for the traditional taping methods but is far less versatile.