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RUNNERS – Do you need a Biomechanical assessment for your feet?

Are you just about to or been training for this season 5,10K, half or full marathon?

Are you struggling to get those mileages up?

 Do you keep getting niggling injuries?

 Do your feet, knees or hips ache for days after?

Then you may have some underlying lower limb weaknesses or you may be using the wrong types of running shoes. If you answer yes to any of the above it could be time to see Kevin Young a Chartered Physiotherapist, at 21st Century clinic for a lower limb or foot and ankle assessment.

Kevin specialises in Foot, ankle, lower limb injuries and rehab, using foot posture and running analysis in diagnosis. Once diagnosed he will design you a TaylorMade program and treatment.

He is also qualified to prescribe and supply foot/arch

orthotics (shoe inserts) to help with any conditions found.

Diagnosis using various scientific tools such as;

 Video Gait (running) Analysis using slow motion

 Foot Posture Index

 Subjective & Objective Examinations

 Strength, Movement & Agilities Testing

 3-point Testing for trainers

 Biomechanics

Treatments used with injuries and may consist any of the following;



Deep tissue massage


Strength & Conditioning

Tailored exercise & stretches, and Orthotics (Shoe Inserts)