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Stella Jackson


ITEC diploma in Holistic massage

Stella first discovered the benefits of Chiropractic around 20 years ago following a neck injury which left her with reduced strength and sensation in her left arm and for which her GP was unable to offer a resolution. In the years that followed Stella found herself becoming more and more curious on how the nervous system worked and the effects of Chiropractic and she decided to enrol at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic to train as a Chiropractor graduating in December 2016.

Stella also holds an ITEC diploma in Holistic massage enabling her to combine soft tissue work with chiropractic where needed and is a level one trainer in Hypopressives, a postural technique to strengthen core and pelvic floor muscles.

One of Stella’s areas of interest is the biomechanical relationship between horse and rider and she is working on research project in this field. To further this interest Stella qualified in Animal Chiropractic in February 2018.

Stella also has a personal interest in Chiropractic for small animals such as dogs and cats and also exotics as she keeps ferrets!