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Kate Cook

Having never been to a Chiropractor before, I was a little sceptical when a friend suggested I visit you. I had thought it would be lots of ‘bone crunching’ and pain! How wrong was I! I felt elated. Rachel explained the science behind McTimoney and her knowledge of the skeleton was extensive. My whole body felt ‘lighter’; I almost had a spring in my step! I certainly haven’t felt like that for over a year.

I have since, had a couple more sessions with Rachel and although my pain is still there, my posture is far better, which in turn has helped with my breathing and I feel very positive that my ability to walk and stand pain free, is only a few weeks away. I have already reduced the number of pain killers I am taking and now far more aware of muscle tension and think about relaxation far more.

Thank you so much for helping me to take control of my recovery. I look forward to my next appointment