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General footcare, Nail surgery and Laser therapy

Feet are a very important part of the human body. After all we use them every day and can walk over 3 million steps every year! Therefore, it is very important to look after them and it is recommended that everyone visits a podiatrist once a year for maintenance and general foot care.

We have a podiatrist specialising in general foot care and one specialising in Biomechanics.

Our general foot care specialist at 21st Century Clinic can treat a number of different foot, ankle and lower limb conditions including:

Corns and callus                                                                     Diabetes

Difficulty in cutting nails                                                          Dry, itchy or flaky skin

Fungal, discoloured or thickened nails                                   Cracked heels

Ingrowing toe nails                                                                  Numb or swollen feet

Verruca                                                                                   Chilblains


Corns and callus 

Corns and callus are a build up of hard skin they can occur anywhere on the sole of your feet or toes. The podiatrist will gently and painlessly remove this build up of hard skin and be able to advice you on basic care that will help to prevent a build up.

Nail cutting

If you have problems reaching your nails or your find your nails difficult to cut, the podiatrist can trim them for you and give you advice on looking after them between visits. If toe nails are left to grow too long or not cut correctly it may lead to problems in the future.

Fungal, thickened or discoloured nails

Often thickened and discoloured nails are a sign of fungal nail infection but this is not always the case. The podiatrist can tell you if you have a fungal nail infection and can discuss possible treatment options. Thickened nails can be painlessly filed down to give a thinner, smoother appearance which can make the nail easier to maintain

Ingrowing toe nail

An Ingrowing toe nail is caused when the nail grows into the skin usually due to the shape of the nail, injury or poor nail cutting. It causes pain on walking and when the toe is pressed. If it is left too long they can become red and infected. There are a number of different treatment options which your podiatrist can discuss with you. It is very important to get this seen to as soon as you start to notice a problem. If you think you might be getting an ingrowing toe nail or would like some advice on how to cut your toe nails to prevent one then book an appointment with the podiatrist


Blisters are very common and occur due to friction, they are a fluid filled sac under the skin which can be treated and prevented by a podiatrist. If blisters are left they can lead to more serious problems including infection and ulceration.


These are a red itchy area usually found on the ends of toes which can break open and become infected if left. They are usually caused by the body’s abnormal response to cold and damp conditions. A podiatrist can treat and prevent these from returning.

Numb and swollen feet

If you have any areas of numbness or loss of sensation you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible. If you have any swelling in your feet (with or without pain) which is unusual for you, you should see a podiatrist urgently. It may be something simple causing it but it can be a result of something more serious such as a broken bone, infection or tendon rupture.


Diabetes can affect the blood supply and nerve supply to the feet. Louise, our podiatrist has a special interest in diabetes with 5 years’ experience working as a lead diabetes podiatrist. Whether your diagnoses of diabetes is new or not, you should have a full foot check annually by a podiatrist. We offer this with the relevant diabetic foot care advice at 21st Century Clinic.


Bunions are a structural and functional bony abnormality usually affecting the large big toe however it can affect the smallest toe joint as well. The joint can become enlarged, red and swollen which can cause pain, redness and make shoes awkward to find. Your podiatrist can discuss treatment options and ways to make your foot more comfortable.


Verrucae are warts which usually appear on the sole of the foot. Research suggests that most will usually disappear within 1-2 years; however they can be painful, unsightly and contagious. At 21st Century Clinic we offer many different treatment options including cryotherapy . We use a cryopen which is the latest in cryotherapy technology. It works to deliver liquid nitrogen to a very precise area so the skin temperature drops and the cells burst causing a blister. This causes the body’s immune response to kick in and fight the virus. The number of treatments will vary depending on the size and duration of the verruca. If you would like to discuss verruca, their causes and possible treatment options please call the clinic.


Nail surgery is available at 21st Century Clinic.

What is nail surgery?

Nail surgery is a minor procedure performed under a local anaesthetic to remove part or all of a toe nail.

When might nail surgery be indicated?

Nail surgery is sometimes indicated for painful toe nail conditions e.g. where the nail is in growing, the nail is curved, has a pincer shape or is thickened causing pain and discomfort.  If caught early most toe nail conditions can be treated conservatively, with routine treatment by a podiatrist combined with self-care at home. In most cases this is the first treatment option, however in chronic problems or where conservative treatment has failed nail surgery may be indicated.

A full assessment will be completed before any surgical appointment is booked where the podiatrist will assess the problem, offer a short term treatment to aid comfort and discuss all possible treatment options.  If the patient and podiatrist are in agreement that nail surgery is the best course of treatment, a nail surgery appointment will be booked at a mutually convenient time, usually within the next couple of days.

What happens during nail surgery?

Nail surgery is carried out by Louise Rehill at 21st Century Clinic. The appointment takes approximately 1 hour. Nail surgery is a sterile procedure carried out with a local anaesthetic. A tourniquet is applied to the toe and the relevant piece of nail is painlessly removed. There is no cutting of the skin meaning the process has minimal bleeding. A chemical is applied to the area to kill off the nail bed from the affected area and a large post-operative bandage is applied.

You are then advised to go home and rest with your foot elevated and you will be asked to return to the clinic within the next day or two. At this appointment the larger dressing will be removed and a much smaller dressing applied. A redressing pack will be issued and the podiatrist will talk you through how to look after the toe over the next few days.

The cost of the nail surgery depends on how many toes are being operated on and includes the surgical appointment, a redressing pack and two redressing appointments.

How long will I be off work/school?

You are advised to rest for 12-24 hours with your foot elevated to aid healing. The wound can take 6-8 weeks to totally heal. During that time you will be required to soak and redress the toe with a clean dry dressing on a daily basis. This should not impact your ability to go to work or school and you can wear normal shoes within the first couple of days.

Low Level Laser Therapy is available at 21st Century clinic

What is Low level Laser Therapy?

Low Level Laser Therapy aims to bio stimulate.  Because of its low power nature, the effects are biochemical and not thermal and cannot cause heating and thereby damage to living tissue.

Where might Low level Laser Therapy be used?

There has been rapid growth in the use of low level lasers in the field of Podiatry.  It can treat a number of foot conditions including leg ulcers, verrucae, achilles tendonitis, post nail avulsion, plantar fasciitis and fungal nails.

How long will the treatment last?

The treatment varies for each condition so please call the clinic to discuss treatment options with our podiatrist. We are happy to answer any question about the low level laser therapy available at 21st Century Clinic.

If you feel you could benefit from our podiatry treatments or you would like to discuss this further then please contact the clinic today on 0118 9311 444.