Physiotherapy clinic in Reading

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic treatment which uses a variety of techniques with the aim of assessing and improving the way you move and restoring normal function.

Physiotherapy Treatment explained

As physiotherapists, we are trained to assess the underlying causes of joint or muscle injuries by taking a detailed case history and perform a physical examination in order to provide the most appropriate advice and treatment modalities to suit each individual.

Our Physiotherapy Treatment Includes:

Our treatment techniques are aimed to reduce Physiotherapy treatment clinicpain, restore movement and function and prevent further injury.
Treatment modalities include:

  • Advice and education,
  • Joint mobilization and manipulation,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Therapeutic stretches,
  • Strengthening exercises,
  • Electrotherapy (such as ultrasound).

When might I need a physiotherapist?

If you are experiencing one of the following you may require physiotherapy:

  • Arthritic Joint pain
  • Back, neck & shoulder pain
  • Hip, Knee or ankle Injury
  • Pre & Post Operation Rehab
  • Muscle & Sports injuries

If unsure, feel free to call our clinic to speak to our physiotherapist.

Booking an appointment

Feel free to call us direct at our Reading based physiotherapy clinic on 0118 9311 444, regarding any questions or if you would like to make an appointment, prices for physiotherapy treatment start at £60 for the first visit and £46 thereafter.