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The Howard Clinic – an experienced team of Chartered Physiotherapists joined 21st Century Clinic in October 2019. This added more specialist treatments to the clinic.

Physiotherapy clinic in Reading

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic treatment which uses a variety of techniques with the aim of assessing and improving the way you move and restoring normal function.

Physiotherapy Treatment explained

As physiotherapists, we are trained to assess the underlying causes of joint or muscle injuries by taking a detailed case history and perform a physical examination in order to provide the most appropriate advice and treatment modalities to suit each individual.

Our Physiotherapy Treatment Includes:

Our treatment techniques are aimed to reduce Physiotherapy treatment clinicpain, restore movement and function and prevent further injury.
Treatment modalities include:

  • Advice and education,
  • Joint mobilization and manipulation,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Therapeutic stretches,
  • Strengthening exercises,
  • Electrotherapy (such as ultrasound).

The Sarah Key Method (APSKM)

Some of the Physiotherapists have been trained by renowned Australian Physiotherapist Sarah Key, author of “The Back Sufferer’s Bible” and Principal Physiotherapist to The Royal Family.

This unique, highly effective technique of mobilising stiff spinal segments (the primary cause of most back pain) usually using the heel of the foot, is followed by “pressure change therapy” exercises. This stimulates inter vertebral disc metabolism, which is vital for the long term health and pain relief for the spine.

Back and neck pain

Many of us suffer from back and neck pain, most of which are simple and easy to treat if seen early and given good, sound advice.

Many are linked with postural or movement-related problems and can be helped with early assessment and treatment. It is also important to be seen by an experienced Physiotherapist who can identify if you need referral to a Consultant specialist / X Ray / MRI scan to ensure an accurate diagnosis and management plan. At The Howard Clinic we have good links with many local consultants to whom we can refer.

Sports injuries

Injuries can occur due to many reasons, such as overuse of a body part, trauma or poor training techniques. Our team can assess, treat and advise on both prevention of injuries through to rehabilitation back to sport.

We have excellent manual, massage and rehabilitation skills, together with specialist equipment such as Laser Therapy to enhance repair and recovery from injury.

Neurological rehabilitation

Injury or disease to any part of the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) may result in many different problems, such as difficulties with movement, balance co-ordination and loss of function. This requires specialist understanding, assessment and treatment approaches, in order to maximize the potential for a person to recover and improve their overall health and well-being.

At the Howard Clinic we have Specialist Physiotherapists in Neurological Rehabilitation. We also have close links with other health professionals, such as Consultant Neurologists, Orthotists, Occupational Therapists, and Hand Therapists in both the NHS and Private Practice, to enable us to assist our patients with the best treatment plan.

When might I need a physiotherapist?

If you are experiencing one of the following you may require physiotherapy:

  • Arthritic Joint pain
  • Back, neck & shoulder pain
  • Hip, Knee or ankle Injury
  • Pre & Post Operation Rehab
  • Muscle & Sports injuries

If unsure, feel free to call our clinic to speak to our physiotherapist.

Booking an appointment

Feel free to call us direct at our Reading based physiotherapy clinic on 0118 9311 444, regarding any questions or if you would like to make an appointment, prices for physiotherapy treatment start at £70 for the first visit and £52 thereafter.