Pilates classes in Reading

What is Pilates?

The APPI Pilates method is designed specificallyPilates classes in Reading for physiotherapists to teach to the clinical population. It can specifically help improve lower back pain, body and postural awareness, spinal mobility and flexibility. Pilates consists of mat based exercises which directly re train your core. The research shows that lower back pain was significantly reduced by in those patients who perform the exercises.

Sessions or group classes available

At 21st Century Clinic we offer one to one Pilates sessions and we also run a bigger class (max 12 participants) at a local school on a Thursday evening.

When should I attend Pilate’s sessions?

If you are experiencing one of the following you may require a Pilates class:

  • Lower back pain,
  • Neck & shoulder pain,
  • Hip & knee pain,
  • For general strengthening of core & flexibility.

If unsure, feel free to call our clinic to speak to our physiotherapist.

The benefits of Pilates?

There are many benefits to attending our Pilate classes including:

  • Improved flexibility,
  • Better posture,
  • Core strength.
Book a class or session

Feel free to call us direct at our Reading clinic on 0118 931 1444, if you have any questions or would like to book a session or class. Prices for Pilates for back pain and posture issues at £10 per class, classes are for an hour.